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      1. Artist designed and artisanally made, Joseph Carini Carpets offers quality and style, and a production process we’re proud of. The dyes we’ve created for our rugs e from untreated Tibetan and Nepalese botanicals. Vibrant indigos and earthy neutrals are hand-woven into custom designs using an ancient Tibetan knotting technique.

        Our lush, durable highland wool, silks and wild nettles are the finest in the world. Having built our business from the green pastures of Nepal to Greenwich St. NY, and formed equitable partnerships along the way, we can assure clients that our rugs are excellently hand-crafted and ethically made.

        Designed in new york | Handmade in Nepal


        Shop OUR TEXTILES


        335 Greenwich Street

        New York, NY 10013

        Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM  

        Email us at info@

        Call us at 646.613.0497

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